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Corsair Carbide Clear 600C Earned a 95% Rating by TweakTown


If you happen to live under a rock and have not seen anything on this latest pair of case designs, be prepared to have your world turned upside down.

The Carbide 600C uses solid thought out design, and use of magnets to assure that this chassis stays tight and noise free from the standpoint of chatter from the actual chassis. Throughout the build and as we looked at everything with as fine toothed comb, we are hard pressed to find any real issues. If we had to pick one, it would have to be with the wiring. Again, with a solid back panel and how clean the front turned out, we couldn't care less really as it all works out for the best in the end.

We cannot fault Corsair for wanting what they do for this chassis; it is that nicely done and thoughtfully laid out in our opinion. Hiding everything you don't want to see, and putting all your hard earned money into a display case is what everyone wants, and the Carbide 600C delivers that in spades.

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