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PC GAMER: The buttons of the Scimitar RGB gaming mouse have a great tactile click!


Corsair showcased the Scimitar RGB gaming mouse, which has a 12 button layout under the thumb. The gimmick that sets the Scimitar apart from similar MOBA/MMO mice like the Razer Naga and Logitech G600 is that the thumb buttons are mounted on a sliding pad, which can move forward or backward 8 millimeters. It locks firmly into place without wiggling, and the buttons themselves have a great tactile click. Each column of three buttons is styled to distinguish it by feel. With that many buttons, it’s likely not a mouse for many FPS gamers, but the ADNS 3688 sensor (here cranked up to 12,000 DPI) was a popular choice a few years back.

Corsair’s going hard on RGB this year, but it’s also thankfully revamped its CUE software to be much more user-friendly. The utility handles all the settings adjustments for mice, button assignments and macros for mice and keyboards, sound settings for headsets, and lighting for everything. You can also sync up the lighting for all of the above if you want them to flash in unison. If you already own some of Corsair’s RGB gear, definitely update CUE for a friendlier UI.

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