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TweakTown: “We are sure that this H80i GT from Corsair will be turning some heads”


With what we have gathered, Corsair sort of took this last series releases as a no holds barred match against all other seal loop AIOs out there on the market. The issue with an AIO is that it has only four components to fiddle with to make improvements. There is the head unit with the pump and cold plate, and here we find an industry standard offered as we see nothing showing manufacturers are replacing either of those components. Next in line is the tubing. Thinner tubing will create more pressure as it is forced through it, but as you widen the ID of the tubing, you are able to move more coolant in the same amount of time, and is one thing that Corsair was sure to address. Then we run into the radiator, and again we see time and time again that we get the same FPI offerings and the same thicknesses, but Corsair did opt for the thicker radiator in this latest cooler. Then, of course, you have the fans, and here Corsair searched for a while and found some real power houses to pair up with this design.

Today, we are looking at the smallest offering in the new Hydro series lineup with the H80i GT. Not only does this system take full advantage of every opportunity given to them as a choice of how to improve things, being in the Hydro series with an "i" designation also means we get the full advantages of the Corsair Link software and within just a few clicks, you can have full control over fans, the pump, and even LED lighting since in this version the Corsair name on the head unit is backlit. Seeing what we have on the box, online, and with the testing behind us, we are sure that this H80i GT from Corsair will be turning some heads. Not only due to the sleek and new and improved styling all around this AIO, but more importantly for the massive boost in efficiency we see.

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