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Virtuix Omni & TRAVR Preview: Natural movements allow deeper immersion


You’ll notice the struts on the side and rods coming out of the harness. The flat surfaces underneath the rods are what glide along the top of the support ring. The training wheels are usually further down the struts, and are a second set of rods and gliding surfaces that move along the bottom of the ring. This allows for more stability as people get used to the set-up, and I was told that all Virtuix Omnis will ship with these.

But enough of the technical stuff, on to the actual experience! Once I was all settled in to the Virtuix Omni, I was given a virtual reality headset to put on. Next, Lorenzo Adams, the communications manager for Virtuix, handed me the gun controller he had previously explained, and away I went! You essentially lean forward into the support ring, and walk like you normally would. The friction-less shoes and concave surface of the platform make it extremely easy to walk in a conventional manner. It’s the leaning forward part that takes a little getting used to, but by the end of the session I felt totally normal when using the peripheral.

One bonus I haven’t mentioned yet is that the platform breaks down completely for easier storage. No worries about the behemoth taking up permanent residence in your living room, unless you’re like me, and liable to use the thing every single day. In that case, yes, it will be a permanent fixture.

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