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Engadget picked Corsair Vengeance K95 / K70 as the best gaming keyboards that are worth buying


Corsair's Vengeance K70 looks great and it's easy to keep it that way, thanks to its keys being mounted on an aluminum plate that allows "completely unencumbered access" according to PC Mag. Besides being easier to clean, the keys also feel great thanks to Cherry MX Red, Brown or Blue switches underneath, with MakeUseOf taking note of their "faster response time and overall better performance." The K70 doesn't have any macro keys, but users who need them can always pick up the Vengeance K95 instead, which is equipped with 18 extra keys to customize to your heart's content using the Corsair's software. You will need to exhibit a little patience, however -- TechRadar calls Corsair's customization suite "frustratingly difficult to use" thanks to the "enormous amount of control" it offers.

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