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OverClockers claims that Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 DRAM is a great looking kit!


Corsair will most definitely meet the demands of the enthusiast user with the Vengeance LPX DDR4-2800 kit. It looks great, overclocks nicely, and performs terrific. In all honestly, there is no reason you can’t just set this kit to run at 3000 MHz and go along your merry way. Depending on the CPU and motherboard you use, you may be able to push it even further than our system allowed.

The low profile heatspreaders allow the kit to be used in a wide variety of system configurations without sacrificing aesthetic value. Considering you have three colors to choose from, you should be able to match a set of Vengeance LPX to just about any system’s color scheme. The extensive compatibility testing and the limited lifetime warranty ensure a trouble free experience for as long as you keep the kit in service.

The pure aluminum heatspreaders are designed for even heat dissipation across the eight-layer memory module. I wouldn’t expect the modules to get very warm at their stock 1.2 V; but if you want to pour the voltage to these things, good heatspreaders and an eight-layer PCB will definitely help keep things cool. I like that the PCB is black as well, which adds a bit of aesthetic value.

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