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TweakTown: Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a Melding of the Best of the Best


This time around, we get a culmination of many successful designs that proceed this keyboard. To give you a basic idea of what we mean, imagine something like the Corsair K Series keyboards with the black caps, LED lights, and that sleek aluminum plate; then, mix in a fair bit of the Logitech G710+. If that hasn't quite raised an eyebrow, we still need to add in a splash of ROCCAT Ryos LED lighting. Now, take all of that, stir it in a pot, and you have a very good sense of how Cougar is taking the best of the best, and dropping it into one sleek, and very unique looking mechanical keyboard.

If you haven't already guessed, today we are going to look at the latest peripheral from Cougar, the 700K mechanical keyboard. Of course, the 700K incorporates everything we addressed, but things are never just that simple. Cougar has taken liberties to individualize this keyboard outside of just slapping the Cougar name on the basic Corsair, Logitech, or ROCCAT design. Instead, they have taken their own route and have delivered something that could very well be the nail in the coffin to all of the aforementioned designs. Cougar seems to have found the perfect blend of all three, and delivers a product anyone would be proud to own and have on their desktop.

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