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TweakTown: Cougar 700M Black Edition Laser Gaming Mouse is just that good!


Today we will be looking at the Cougar 700M Black Edition mouse, and as you will see, this mouse rivals mice as elite as those in the Level 10M series. The Cougar 700M has an aluminum frame and offers the buttons creatively placed in an atypical layout. Because of the layout, the 700M will take some time to get used to, but once you gain full control of what it offers, you will surely be impressed. Cougar sure set the bar extremely high for their first sample sent to us, and there is even more capability that we were unable to test still left in their bag of tricks. This is truly one of those designs that will do things that will make most users' heads spin. This mouse is built to last, and take on both palm grip and claw grip users with a few good tricks in the trunk.

Any way you look at it, no matter the game chosen, or the job you have to accomplish, this 700M is more than ready to take on the task. If you find some task to be too tedious, start a profile, write some Macros, and assign them to any of the eight buttons, and enjoy the feature set provided from Cougar. Considering everything we have seen and discussed, I am sure a few of you will be off to click "add to cart" at your favorite e-tailer; the 700M laser gaming mouse from Cougar is just that good.

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