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Rocketfish Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is a Fantastic Balance of all the Qualities


Whether you’re playing hockey in your backyard rink, or planning your next BBQ party, this handy speaker has plenty of power to make itself be heard and is convenient enough that you won’t hesitate to take it out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The speaker is noticeably more substantial than many other Bluetooth speakers, weighing 9 lbs and measuring just over 15” tall but with that added size comes significant power from a 4”subwoofer and two 2.75” tweeters for a full bodied soundscape. The hand-holds on the back make it easy to carry and the versatile design means you can place vertically or horizontally, depending on the orientation that suits you best.

It seems like a fantastic balance of all the qualities I would look for in this sort of gadget – durability, reliability, battery life, ease of use, and sound quality. It doesn’t fail on any of those criteria, making it the obvious choice for anybody looking to fill their backyard, workshop, patio, or other indoor/outdoor space with full bodied sound streamed from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet.

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