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TweakTown claims that EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse is definitely worthy of any gamer's attention!


We feel EVGA really did a great job with what they have brought to the table this time in the peripherals segment. Choosing all of the top-tier components of the leading selling mice on the market is a great start; implementing them into this easily convertible, ambidextrous design, and being able to make a smaller mouse feel so comfortable to use with the grip pads added on is excellent. Of course, adjusting the height so it takes the strain out of the wrist and palm, for any grip style is also exceptional.

We applaud EVGA for doing so well with their first go with a mouse design from the ground up, and whether you choose the Carbon, or the TORQ X10 you have just seen, we feel it is money well spent to try one of your very own.

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