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Elite Gaming Computers: Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse is Insanity Incarnate


Physically, the Cougar 700m is a pretty sweet mouse all around. It has a great sleek design that looks much more ergonomic than most gaming mice I’ve gotten my hands on, it has 8 fully programmable buttons all over it, and it lights up enough to satisfy most people’s incandescent desires. You can even customize those lights.

Customization doesn’t just stop at the lights and the macros, though, because you get all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a gaming mouse with this bad boy too. First and foremost, almost everything about this mouse can be resized to fit whatever crazy hand needs to use it.

Are you a trans dimensional goldfish with tentacles instead of teeth? You can use this mouse, and it’ll fit right into your “hand”. In all seriousness, fit and comfort are the most important things in a mouse to a lot of people, myself included, and the fact that this mouse can be whatever size you need it to be in those crucial areas might just make it your best option.

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