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Guru3D claims the Corsair Air 540 to be is an absolutely innovative and impressive chassis.


We review the new Air 540 chassis in the Carbide series of PC cases from Corsair. It has to be the most unusual product we have seen in a long time being cube shaped. But working our way through it we learned one thing, it is an absolutely innovative and impressive chassis. It is something different, and we like that very much. Corsair has been going strong in the chassis market. Very few of their PC cases left us with mixed feelings. It started with that Obsidian 800D and more recently 900D which to date are amongst the most well knwon and reputable chassis. With the Graphite series they pursued a somewhat more mainstream to gamers level of PC cases. And then came the Carbide series for which Corsair pursued the mainstream market, and as we all know that means a cheaper product often resulting in stripped away features, style and functionality that we know and learned to love, from say the Obsidian or Graphite series. Admittedly what Corsair has been doing with the Carbide series works well, as it did convince me in a positive way when they launched the initial series. 

These chassis remain good looking and really are feature rich products. So yes, I was a little surprices to see the Air 540 launch in the Carbide series, but it makes sense as you'll learn throughout this article.

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