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Tom’s Hardware review calls the D900 a Genius-level Minimalist Design


Corsair's Obsidian 900D: Big, Bold, And Beautiful

It’s not easy to write a record-breaking summary for the review of a record-breaking case without succumbing to the questionable practice of piling superlatives onto each other. The fact is, our few concerns about this case were promptly addressed by Corsair. Ultimately, this is an extra-large chassis that falls into a class of its own and lacks notable competition. Who needs such a colossus? I don’t know. But in the end I managed to fill it quite easily.

Let’s recap the high points. First, I have to bring up Corsair's subdued styling yet again. It's an almost genius-level minimalist design. Some enthusiasts may dislike the large side window. However, turning the inside of an enclosure into a light show was never so much fun. The Obsidian 900D offers an ideal shelter for exotic and extreme technologies, leaving no wish unfulfilled. Its rigid frame and practical partitioning into multiple zones let you live your dreams and install anything you can think of.

The stock fans are merely OK. Swapping them out for higher-quality coolers (even better models in Corsair's own portfolio work well) gives you the freedom to adjust fan speed across a wider range without compromising thermal performance. If you're picking up on my enthusiasm, you certainly aren't misjudging my fascination with this case.

Is This The Case For You?

Corsair's Obsidian 800D found a fitting successor in its larger brother, the Obsidian 900D. We only found a few issues to quibble about, and much more to like. We're fans of the solid construction and find the simple design to be classic. In our eyes, modest elegance trumps modernistic design stunts. This is what our mature tastes have evolved into. Even after a few years, this case is going to look good, exhibiting its timelessness.

While the motto "less is more" aptly describes the chassis' exterior design, the interior may as well go by "more is more." Gratuitous space is smartly partitioned, actively aiding (inspiring, even) more complex hardware projects.

All of these redeeming qualities compel us to honor the Obsidian 900D with an award, which doesn't happen very often, particularly in the chassis segment. But we're certain that our recognition is completely justified and well-deserved.

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