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Hexus… Corsair® launches New PSUs with Aesthetic Pizazz


Power-supply units (PSUs) often tend to be the overlooked component when enthusiasts are specifying a new build. A quality PSU will outlast that shiny CPU or cutting-edge graphics card. Spending, say, £100 on a unit may seem expensive at first glance, but ammortise that amount over five years and it's an acceptable outlay for a vital part of the PC. Choose wisely with respect to connectors and power ratings and there's little reason why a PSU cannot be transferred to the PC of 2018.

But PSUs aren't sexy, right? They're usually black, have a single large fan and a gaggle of connectors. Their inherent blandness is conspicuous when set against the colour-coordinated memory, graphics cards and motherboards of late. Corsair realises there's a market for PSUs with aesthetic pizazz and has launched a three-PSU line dubbed the Gaming Series. The 80 PLUS Bronze trio are rated at 600W, 700W and 800W and share the same underlying technology. The styling, build and multi-colour LEDs marks these out from regular supplies... Learn More