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GAME FRONT Outside World of Warcraft, the Legendary Edition mouse still holds its own quite well


Like a lot of PC gamers, I love peripherals. High-end gaming mice always seem to find a home on my desk, and this week I got the chance to try out one of the newest, the World of Warcraft Legendary Edition MMO Gaming Mouse from Steelseries. If you recall, we told you it coming about a month ago. First impressions of the mouse were very good. It’s solidly put together, weighing slightly more than the Razer Deathadder I normally use. The biggest difference is in the size of the mouse. It’s quite wide, allowing even folks with large hands like me to comfortably rest my thumb and three fingers on it. If three fingers sounds a little strange, it’s because this mouse incorporates a raised area on the right for your ring finger to rest on, complete with an assignable button.

The Legendary Edition bristles with buttons, with four under your thumb, three (plus the mouse wheel) on top, and the aforementioned ‘ring finger button.’ These buttons can be assigned to any function you like from the , but the real beauty of this mouse comes when you’re assigning them in World of Warcraft. Steelseries has worked with Blizzard to implement menu options in-game that allow you to assign every button on the mouse from the WoW menu. Of course, if you don’t play WoW, this feature won’t mean a whole lot to you. 

Outside World of Warcraft, the Legendary Edition mouse still holds its own quite well. Steelseries has a solid piece of software to go along with it that allows you to do everything from assigning the myriad buttons, to changing the color of the pulsing illumination (to one of 16.8 million possibilities) and creating your own custom macros. Of course, you can also change how the mouse handles by selecting a DPI rate ranging from 400 to 3200. You can also assign buttons to change the DPI rate on the fly while playing. The software also allows you to create multiple profiles and assign them to different games. Doing so will automatically load the profile for a game when you start the game up. Once you’ve completed all that setup, you’ll find that the mouse moves smoothly and responds well. By adjusting the DPI, it works equally well for shooters (I was using it for the Red Orchestra 2 beta and the new Deus Ex) as well as for MMOs of all types. Only World of Warcraft incorporates the in-game binding options, but that’s nothing you can’t get past, especially given how well the mouse software is put together.

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