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LANOC... SteelSeries knows how to appeal to MMO addicts


The length of the mouse is a bit shorter than what I'm used to, but extremely close to previous versions of SteelSeries' MMO mice. Since I tend to place the bottom edge of my palm on the very back of the mouse, my hand is positioned naturally in a mild form of a claw grip. The scroll wheel is in the direct middle of the mouse, equipped with a single click. The raised border to the left and right of the wheel also each serve as an additional button, with another larger, single button at their base. This totals four unique, programmable buttons just in the scroll wheel area alone.

The mouse is guided using the thumb and ring-‐‑finger on either side, grasping the mold to control hand movements. We commonly see two customizable buttons placed directly above the thumb as we do with the Legendary, though they can sometimes be hit or miss. In my case, the rear of the two buttons is extremely easy and comfortable to reach with the thumb, while the front button requires a slight shift of the entire hand to reach comfortably.

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