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SMART Mum Picks... Rocketfish iCapsule Keyboard Case is an iPad Must Have...


I love, love, LOVE my iPad! But while it’s lightweight, easy to lug around in my purse, and very convenient to check email on and let the kids play games on, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to actually “work” on. I do freelance writing and blogging, and sometimes it would be nice to be able to write on my iPad wherever I am instead of having to write on my computer in our home office.

Fortunately, I think I found a product that can help me. It’s called the Rocketfish iCapsule Keyboard, and it’s getting amazing reviews! The iCapsule can accommodate your iPad whether you prefer to view it in portrait or landscape mode. It has an integrated Bluetooth keyboard that easily connects to your iPad for a tactile typing experience instead of hunting and pecking on your iPad’s screen.

It’s also a lightweight, hard shell case that provides protection for your iPad…which is important in our house since the kids love the iPad (almost) as much as I do! The case even has a carrying handle! The iCapsule runs on two AA batteries.

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