Press Reviews… Rocketfish® Lap Desk has a Unique Design and is Sure to Please


A lapdesk is not something new but Rocketfish has taken a simple padded lapdesk and added features that make it more functional and pleasant to use. The basic design is a very nice and well padded lapdesk. A cutout area makes a convenient handle so it may be carried with one hand. Most lapdesks are a bit on the bulky side so a handle is a welcome addition.

The bottom side of the lapdesk is nicely padded in a meshy type covering that seems to dissipate any heat when in your lap and prevents the lapdesk from sliding around on your clothing. The upper surface of the lapdesk is made of a high impact material that provides a smooth, solid workstation for your laptop. The cutout handle area offers some extra air flow space to help keep your laptop cool but there is no fan or other ventilation system built into the lapdesk.

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