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Engadget... SteelSeries celebrating Cataclysm with new WoW MMO gaming mouse


SteelSeries has that very special distinction of building officially branded equipment for World of Warcraft, and now, two years after launching its original WoW mouse, the company is back with a "Cataclysm" mouse to celebrate the upcoming expansion to the world's biggest MMO.


The mouse has the similar advantage of its predecessor of close software ties to WoW itself, with 14 programmable buttons that can handle 130+ preset commands, and the ability to store 10 character profiles in software and one in the mouse itself. Also, thankfully, the mouse is Mac friendly out of the gate this time, and the software also controls the LED lights running down the back and "four different pulsation levels" for an extra bit of flair. For those of you who care for the pro gaming pedigree of SteelSeries, you'll be interested to know that the original WoW mouse was actually mostly built by Ideazon before SteelSeries bought the company, so this is the first from the ground up to use SteelSeries technology and know-how. For everybody else: it has pretty lights! The mouse will retail for $100 in December, launching alongside World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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