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IRON HAMMERS PC GAMING... The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition is a very fine specimen indeed


The first thing that struck me about this gaming mouse upon removing it from the big, brown shipping box, was the size of its retail packaging. It’s incredibly small in comparison to other gaming mice I’ve owned. It’s more similar in dimensions to a collector’s DVD box set or something, rather than a piece of hardware. There’s also a flap that magically fastens shut (I assume it’s magnetic, rather than actual witchcraft) which can be opened to reveal the mouse in all its glory. The main thing, though, is that it’s a sturdy material that’ll keep your mouse safe on its way to your door — and this one arrived in one piece. So tick that box on any mouse requirements checklist you may have, and let’s get on to something more interesting than the mouse’s cardboard enclosure.

This mouse is, rather obviously, being marketed to those that play World of Warcraft. It’s actually the third mouse for Blizzard’s MMO that SteelSeries have released, and changes the design in a larger way than the last revision did on its predecessor. It’s still got all the huge selling points such as in-game programming in WoW for both Windows and MacOS users, as well as the advanced illumination settings that allow for over 16 million colours to be chosen from. The big change, however, is that there’s now 11 buttons (the Cataclysm version had 14). While less buttons may sound like a bad thing, it means the mouse is a fair bit smaller and makes getting to the right buttons at the right time a much easier task to behold.

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