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TECHPOWERUP...Vengeance C70 manages to hit the golden middle in terms of design


Corsair is clearly moving away from full colour packages as all of their recent offerings come boxed in a plain brown variant with black printing on it. That is certainly not a bad thing, if it means that the enduser will save a few bucks in the end. In the front of the box, you will find an image of the chassis and the name, while the rear goes into greater detail about its features and specifications.

Both sides if the Vengeance C70 package hold identical information and also sport twolarge openings to aid in transportation home from the post office. Two fairly thin Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place. As you can see. the top one did not make it in once piece, but the case itself did not take any damage at all. So while other cases may have more protection, this more compact choice seems to work fine for the Vengeance C70. As with most Corsair cases, you will receive a sorted set of all black screws, some zip ties and an USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter. A manual and warranty information sheet is also part of the extras. I must say, I was more than just impressed when taking a look at the case for the first time.

Corsair has truly managed to take the military look, tone it down and apply it to a chassis. If they would have added stripes or military text to the case, things would have been completely different. Instead the Vengeance C70 manages to hit the golden middle in terms of design, while still remaining appealing for the masses…

When looking at the Corsair Vengeance C70 - especially the military green variant - some may think at first that a modder has had his fun with a standard chassis and added military elements to it. Thus, the first surprise would be that Corsair has taken this level of detail and offers it as a mass market product. Then, the second thought that pops into one's mind is "price tag". Even with the level of detail and excellent feature set, the case does not cost more than other cases aimed at the same market. With its choice of colors, even those who do not want the green version can rest assured that the black or white look just as cool.

Assembling the system with the chassis is a joy, as every feature implemented works and does so extremely well. From the clipping system holding the side panels in place or the tension based ODD locks to the removable drive cages and excellent cable management possibilities. It is all there - neatly packed into a kick-ass gamer chassis. Corsair has shown us with the Obsidian 550D, that opposites are possible, by offering a silent chassis with the flexible cooling possibilities for high-end components and now they are taking it to the next level, expanding their Vengeance line of gaming gear with the first chassis - throwing a frag grenade in the fray of the existing gaming case market and digging a trench that nobody would have expected to see right out of the gates. Well done Corsair!



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