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Madshrimps awards the C70 Vengeance case the Novelty award.


Even for their brand new Vengeance series Corsair still utilises their classic brown box. Listing all the features on one side, while an exploded view is highlighted on the back side. I'm not a PR marketeer but isn't it possible that packaging can mean a world of difference if a case is bought or not ? What's inside the box is of course more important then the box design, but a more flashy approach alike eg. Cooler Master or Xigmatek could increase sales.

Once the case is unpacked the military theme becomes crystal clear. The matte olive drab case colour leaves really no options open. The other two colours to choose from, are arctic white alike the Carbide 500R and gunmetal black. Corsair means serious business with the gamer/LAN party orientated Vengeance series. A smoked windowed side panel version, with optional dual fan possibility, allows to show off your precious installed hardware.

The inside gets the same rigid military look treatment. A massive cut-out for the CPU cooler is foreseen, as numerous rubber protected holes for easy cable management. On the backside it becomes obvious that Corsair took some time to enhance the build in of hardware. A spacious cut-out in the top of the motherboard panel, to route the 8 pin CPU power cable. Note cable guidance and decent hiding space ( +/- 2CM clearance between the motherboard tray and the sidepane). Can we mention this case can be certified for builders from age 7 to 77 ?

The closer look starts off with the front panel. We can clearly distinguish the military roots of this C70 Vengeance case. The Power on button, a Reset button, two USB 3.0 ports, which are connected to the motherboard via an internal connector and the in and out audio jacks. Too bad no two extra USB 2.0 ports are integrated into the sleek design.

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