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PCMag Calls the Vengeance K90 Keyboard a Thing of Beauty


Corsair has long had a finger on the pulse of PC gaming, but with its newest keyboard, the Vengeance K90 ($129.99 direct), it scores a solid victory—the K90 is among the best high-performance keyboards you can buy. Mechanical keyboards are the way to go for high-performance gamers, with top of the line offerings like the Razer Black Widow Ultimate ($129.99 direct, 4.5 stars) and the Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate ($129.99 direct, 4.5 stars) utilizing the springy, noisy keys for their superior performance, long-term durability, and less force needed to register keystrokes. Combine this with built-in media controls, on-board memory, and a whopping 18-keys dedicated to custom macros, and the Corsair Vengeance K90 $133.42 at PCNation is one gaming keyboard that's hard to beat.

The Vengeance K90 is a thing of beauty, machined from industrial grade brushed aluminum and bristling with raised backlit sculpted keys. Measuring 0.94 by 19.7 by 6.4 inches (HWD), the aluminum body of the keyboard makes it a bit too heavy for regular portability (3.1 pounds), but it makes for a keyboard that is stable and won't move when you don't want it to....Learn More