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Overclock3d Defines the Corsair K90 Keyboard as a Glorious Piece of Hardware


With the K90 Corsair have certainly gone all out to take the crown of finest keyboard.

The build quality is absolutely outstanding. It can instantly be placed in the same sentence as other seriously quality keyboard such as the SteelSeries 7G and Das Keyboard. It's that rugged.

Typing quality is fantastic too. The quality feel coming from the excellent Cherry MX Red switches. Not only do we have a light actuation weight, the amount of pressure needed to activate the key, but at only 2mm before actuation you really can type at a rate of knots too. Unlike some of its contemporaries Corsair thankfully hasn't felt the need to provide variable weight for different keys, so the whole thing has a glorious uniform feel.

It's not only the major keys that star either. The Macro Record and Memory Bank selector keys, as well as the media keys, have a reassuring firmness to them that reeks of quality.

Lighting is uniform too. Each key has a soothing blue glow that works beautifully with the brushed aluminium, and the variable brightness ensures that it doesn't distract you during dark gaming.

The software is very easy to use and recording a quick and dirty macro couldn't be easier. Equally if you really want to get into the finest detail the possibility is there. You're far more likely to have more available keys than you can think to assign, but having such a wealth of options available is very pleasant.

In fact the only downside with the whole package is that the software for the keyboard is unable to record mouse movement or clicks, even when used in conjunction with the M90 mouse. This is a huge oversight for keyboard designed to be at the very peak of technology. The Gigabyte Aivia software was able to do this with any mouse at all, and the use of the "90" designation for both the Vengeance mouse and keyboard implies a level of harmony that just isn't there.

However, that is a small blot on an otherwise glorious piece of hardware. With high quality switches, heavily braided cable, tank-like construction and very easy customisation the Vengeance K90 keyboard is excellent and a worthy winner of our OC3D Gold Award. Just a shame the software somewhat lets it down.

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