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TweakTown claims Corsair Dominator Platinum as the Hottest looking DRAM Kit


Today we're looking at what is probably one of the hottest looking RAM kits we've seen to date.

Corsair's Dominator series has always been the cream of the crop when it comes to Corsair RAM, but the series has recently been expanded with the new Dominator Platinum series. We were lucky enough to actually get not only a look at the new kit at the TweakTown Computex Party, but also give away a 16GB kit there as well.  

Ever since then we had been bugging Corsair for the kit and today we've finally got a chance to look at it and looking below you can see just how great it looks. We love the sexy chrome top and black heatsink design with fins. 

I'm a huge fan of the new chrome bit that goes across the top. I've always had a pet hate when it came to the Dominator series. When installing them the fins were always such a pain and really hurt your fingers when pushing them in. With the new cover on top, installing them is so much easier, which is fantastic.

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