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The Gadget Show: Rocketfish Sound Prism a Clever Bit of Tech


The Rocketfish Sound Prism is a clever bit of tech that makes the most of any available space to transform the iPad’s Smart Cover into a hidden speaker. It is essentially a speaker bar that fits inside the triangular space made by the iPad case. Don’t have an iPad? It has Bluetooth, too, letting you use it with any compatible device.

The Rocketfish Sound Prism’s noble use of space has to be admired. The three-sided speaker bar neatly slots in, with only its two ends peeking out from view when in use. This of course means that the Rocketfish Sound Prism is best used when the iPad is sitting stationary (unless you wish to draw weird looks).

Why your next laptop should be a tablet

The Rocketfish Sound Prism is compatible with Apple iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad. Rocketfish says the Sound Prism will also work with most tablets, laptops and mobile phones. However, being clearly designed for use with the iPad in mind, the set-up on other devices won’t look quite so neat.

The Rocketfish Sound Prism features a rechargeable battery. Charge it up using the supplied USB charging cable, and then dock it in the iPad stand, or as an accompanying sound accessory when needed.

The Rocketfish Sound Prism is available now and can be ordered to ship from various online retailers for around $50 (£31).

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