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Gizbot Proclaims the RocketFish Sound Prism to be a Master Piece


Music accessories are launched now for iPhone and iPad users. They are competing on innovative design and high performance. Rocketfish is the new company to join this market segment. They have come up with a new designed gadget for music lovers. They have introduced a Sound Prism which is specially designed for Ipad2 and 3. This master piece is designed by CRE8 Design Studio.

As per the company officials Sound Prism is designed as a portable unit made especially for iPads and for those who use Smart Covers. While using a smart cover with iPads, there is a notable space wasted. Special designers come up with the idea of utilizing this wasted space.

This new speaker is designed to correctly fit into the space. They have added Bluetooth facility also with this speaker. This will enable it to get connected with smartphones and tablets also remotely. The speaker can easily get attached magnetically and while folding up, it can hide within the Apple Smart Cover.

Key Features: 
  Height of 1.2 inch;
  Width of 9.5 inch;
  Depth of 1.9 inch
  Weight of only 7.8 oz
  Warranty of 1 year
  Bluetooth connectivity enabled
  Rechargeable design

As the sound is out from both ends, there is no disturbance with iPad or its cover. Reviewers commented on this Sound Prism as a pretty smart design. Its Rechargeable design helps the speaker to be always powered and made ready for use. Its Bluetooth connectivity is the most interesting feature which will help users to wirelessly stream the music.

Ipad users can be really happy as they get a privilege of enjoying music with a space which would have been wasted otherwise. Its physical attributes are also quite convincing for the users. It is a brilliant design from CRE8 Design Studio which will attract youngsters for sure. Not only the design but also amazing sound quality is also making this attractive to the young generation. This master piece design is sure to create waves in the world of music gadgets.

Rocketfish Sound Prism will be available at a price tag of around Rs.4, 000/-. This could be less in online retail stores. Music lovers would certainly enjoy this stunning idea and design from the company. They can expect more innovative themes from the company in future period as well. For the time being Rocketfish Sound Prism is just a concept and there is no news regarding when this product will be out in the market.

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