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Corsair Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse Scored 99% in a TweakTown Review


Our time with the Glaive RGB has been compressed so that we could get our information to you as soon as possible, but many a product don't make it a week on our desk. The fact that we want to find a permanent home for the Glaive RGB says almost everything you need to know. It is not that often that we care for mice this much, and out of many, only five or six mice have been used to upgrade a personal machine. The feel of the Glaive in our hand, the functionality that is delivered, and to be blunt, we dig the way it looks too, all leads to good things. Even with the fact that we would like to have had more time, we will get that time, as we demote an older mouse from service to use the Glaive RGB as much as we want in the future. For us, the Glaive RGB is a perfect fit to a medium sized right hand, and with the wing grip on it, is like it was designed specifically to our specifications and measurements.

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